Marine Collagen 101

Marine Collagen 101

Collagen is one of the most essential elements of the skin and is what helps our skin look healthy, firm and luminous.

Our bodies are bloody amazing things. They are continually restoring and repairing our skin by simultaneously breaking down old tissue and building new tissue. This is what keeps us looking young, healthy and full of zest. However, as we age this process slows down which is when signs of aging start to appear. Damn it. Of course this is different for everyone as our genes, lifestyle, environment, stress levels and sun exposure, to name a few contributing factors, all effect how well our body performs.  

The older we get the slower our body is at reacting and rebuilding new tissue. When we consume collagen peptides our bodies pick up on this and think, “shit we’ve got loads of collagen swimming around our blood stream here, we need to hop to it and start making more collagen!” Oral consumption of collagen peptides encourages our own body’s collagen production.  Pretty sweet hey? When we are consuming collagen peptides our body produces new tissue faster than it breaks down existing tissue. This is where the magic happens and people start seeing the advantages of taking a collagen supplement regularly – firmer, smother skin with fewer wrinkles. 

Now the unfair part – for most of us our skin starts to decline in our mid to late 20s - a time when most of us are paying no attention to our skin whatsoever. Then we hit our 30s and notice those fine lines have somehow crept in overnight and we start contemplating getting bangs to hide those frown lines. Come our 40s the wrinkles are deeper and we notice shadows around our eyes. Then at 50 our whole facial contours are changing and we start paying more attention to what our chin, neck and cleavage is up to. Somewhere along the way we have also started spending money on expensive lotions and potions, but as these creams only reach the outer layers of our skin their success is often only short-term. Then let’s not forget about all those toxic injections and fillers that are extremely expensive, bad for our health and again only temporary.  Ugggh!

The good news is peptides! When collagen peptides are consumed regularly as a dietary supplement in an oral power form we can nourish our bodies from the inside out. Beauty truly does begin within! Collagen peptides encourage the production of collagen not only in our face but also in our whole entire body. Studies have shown that not only is the visual appearance of our skin improved but also our fingernails, hair and yep… even cellulite! Ladies - can I get an ‘Amen.’

What are the main benefits of taking marine collagen peptides you ask?

Scientific studies have shown marine collagen to be effective in stimulating collagen and skin elasticity along with counteracting skin aging and improving the visual appearance of skin.


Marine collagen has been shown to improve skin surface structure, along with firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles.  When taken orally it can increase the moisture in skin, delaying the creation of wrinkles. 


When collagen in the body is encouraged hair and fingernails can grow faster and stronger. Hair and fingernails do not contain collagen, however blood vessels do and these blood vessels are accountable for providing the roots of our hair and nail-forming cells with nutrients. When blood circulation in our blood vessels is supported, the supply of blood and nutrients to our hair and nails benefits along with the strength and appearance.

Studies have shown a decrease in chipped or cracked nails along with an increase in the nail growth speed when collagen is consumed regularly. Nail peeling can also be improved.


Marine collagen can improve the skin surface structure and decrease cellulite. When taken orally it has been shown to have a beneficial effect on skin extracellular matrix and helps restore the normal structure of the dermis (living tissue below the surface skin) along with decreasing the waviness of the skin. The skin on the thighs may become distinctively firmer and dimples visibly improve.